My Wife Fell For It

My wife Kim 27y/o. 5'4' 123lbs. 37-23-36. A real dark-haired knock-out. I'm John 29y/o 6'2' 195lbs, blond and considered very handsome. My wife and I meant in college and were soon married after graduation. We have been married 5yrs, and still very much in love. For some reason I suspected Kim of fooling around. Coming home late from work, leaving without telling me where she was going, etc.! I worked up a plan with my best friend and neighbor. His name is Jerry, married and a real jock. I wanted to test Kim and who was better at this than Jerry. He is known as a real stud of the area, I think everyone knows but his wife Liz. Ha-Ha before in knew. I cooked up this plan with Jerry to be executed on a Thursday evening. Kim mentioned on several occasions how nice looking Jerry was and that he always dressed so neat. I'm not the jealous type, but this made me wonder. I told Jerry of my intentions for him to test Kim and he was agreeable and said it sounded like fun, remember we are the best of buddies. Jerry asked, what if it goes too far. I said it was OK as long as I could watch. Jerry agreed and the plan was set. I hooked up our video cam on the dresser of our bedroom and one in our den.
I called Kim from work around 6pm and told her I was going to the Hockey game with the guys and wouldn't be home until around midnight. I work for a large securities firm in Tampa and mostly men at the work place. She bit of course. To be honest I really didn't think Kim would be game for any tryst with Jerry, but I was just testing. ' Well' You guessed it; not all went as I thought it would. Jerry showed up at our front door at about 7pm. He brought his basketball and a couple bottles of good wine, He ask if I was home and could I come out and shoot some hoops. Kim said I was at the game and wouldn't be home until late. Jerry said his wife Liz was at her parents and wouldn't be home until later either. Kim said she hadn't shot baskets for awhile and she would join him. After they played for a short period and Jerry had won 5 games of PIG, they went inside to cool off with a bottle of chilled wine. They went to the din where the big screen was and Kim went to the kitchen to get the wine from the freezer where she had put it to chill. While Kim was in the kitchen Jerry flipped on the video cam and waited. Kim was wearing her denim cut-offs and a halter-top no bra of course; nobody wears a bra in Florida. Jerry was wearing his coaching shorts, which were very very short, and a T-shirt. Jerry thinks he is a navy seal and never wears undershorts.
The picture was perfect on the video cam and Kim was not the wiser. After about 15 minutes of small talk about their spouses and work, Jerry started in. The subject quickly turned to sex. I was very surprised how open Kim became. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or what. Jerry started on his and Liz's sex life and how kinky they have become, Kim opened up and began telling Jerry about our sex and how erotic I have become over the past year or so. Kim began telling Jerry how I loved watching her fuck dildos and how excited I would get when she would squirt when she cum. When Kim gets really turned on she can cum about a qt. 'really'. It seems to never stop. YES it does taste like honey. Kim and Jerry were sitting on the sofa directly across from the cam and I could see Jerry cock getting erect. You could tell Kim noticed it but tried not to look. All of a sudden Kim stopped talking and Jerry pulled his massive tool from the side of his shorts. It was so big it looked like a baby's arm holding an apple. It was even a surprise to me, I had never seen Jerry nude, it even made my heart pound, I can't even imagine how Kim was feeling about then. Jerry shook it at her and ask if she ever seen anything like this in her life. Kim commented that Liz was one hell of a lucky woman. Jerry said there was enough to go around and he would share, and was sure Liz wouldn't mind because they had been swinging for the past couple of years. Kim said if John ever found out he would kill us both. Don't forget Kim is very very attractive and has a perfect body, not a flaw. What happen next really floored me. Jerry told Kim what we were up to and showed her the video cam; He must have really wanted her pussy. Kim got real pissed at first then said let's give him a show. Kim then told Jerry she has always been true to me, and had never thought of having an affair until that very moment. I was really mad at my friend but soon got over it as I watched what happen. Both Jerry and Kim stripped off their cloths and started to get busy, first Jerry went down on Kim even before he had ever given her a kiss, which told me this was just raw sex. He worked in two fingers as he licked her clit. Kim was really humping her hips as he fingered her. She was about to explode when she pulled his head up to her bountiful breast. Kim's nipples were so erect; they stuck out about a half-inch or more. Jerry was sucking on one and pinching the erect nipple of the other. All of a sudden the milk started to pour. Kim had lost our baby in her eighth month several months ago and still has a lot of milk. Jerry was going crazy cause he didn't know Kim was lactating. I think at first it scared him, but he soon was like a kitten lapping up her spray. Kim screamed a howl and declared she was cumming. Jerry stepped back and in full view of the video cam, you could see the cum pouring out of Kim's sweet hole. It was just like a man cumming thick and running down onto the leather sofa. Jerry lowered his head and started licking all he could, but there was just too much. Jerry put his hand down below her pussy and let it run into his hand and palm and smeared it all over her tits and face, Kim then licked his fingers clean. Kim said she had to try and suck his cock, she could barely get the head around her lips. Kim was satisfied to lick the head and shaft all the way to sucking his balls. After about 10 minutes of this she resided to jacking Jerry off and fingering his ass-hole. After awhile Kim said she had to try it fit it inside her. Jerry positioned him self and guided that big log to Kim's pussy. It took a lot of spit lube and several attempts, but he finally he managed to get a fit. Jerry was very gentle thank heaven. It looked as if he was going to pull her insides out on the withdrawal.
After about 20 minutes of this awesome site, Kim let out a high squeal and cum again; not as much came pouring out, Jerry pulled out with a plop you could here on video and watch her orgasm again. He said he was almost there and inserted his cock in Kim again, after about 3or4 minutes he withdrew and came all over her wide-open pussy. Great gobs of cum ran from her pussy to her ass-hole. He cum in her a little and it was running out of her like a river, Jerry got up to get the video cam up close to get a good shot of the cum flowing river. Kim got up and came back with a towel to clean up and both looked into the cam and ask how I liked the show.
As I reflect back to this, I think I got what I deserved. YES Kim and I are still married and in love more than ever. Jerry and Liz, has since introduced us to swinging. We get together quite often and we have met new and exciting friends. I hope you have enjoyed our story, all true and exciting.

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